George Clooney: What An American

W Magazine interviewed The American director, Anton Corbijn about George Clooney, them film and the location.  Corbijn added the title to his resume after Control, his 2007 directorial debut.  But the vibe of the Italian location for the film (shot in the Abruzzo region of the country), really brought the director back to his photography roots.  Corbijn, famous for shooting legendary bands like U2 and Depech Mode, found his way back to still with the release of Inside The American, a collection of shots from the movie.

The Daily Mail most likely skipped the article and went right to the shirtless picture of Clooney.  Heyyyy eye candy.  Apparently some parts of the world refer to Clooney as “George Swooney.”  Never heard that nickname, but it’s cute.  They’re just all up in his dating grill, talking about his relationship with Elisabetta Canalis and how in love the two are.  It’s all about love.  It always is.  And being good-looking.

The American opens in theaters September 1st. And you’re welcome for the shirtless pic of Clooney (now I sound like I write for the Daily Mail).