George Clooney Thinks He Knows Something About Dating

As he should!  He’s had centuries of practice.

Anna Kendrick, George Clooney’s costar in his most recent film Up in the Air, has spilled to People that Mr. Clooney had plenty of advice on the subject.

“He had rules for me about dating and stuff. It was really sweet,” said the 24-year-old. “It’s funny, actually. A friend of his that was his age [48] was dating somebody younger than me. He thought that was fine. I was like, ‘What would you say to me if I were dating somebody your age?’ He said, ‘Oh no, absolutely not.’ ”

A little hypocritical George, but if anyone has the face to pull it off, it’s you.  Hell, with a face like that, he could kick puppies and yell at my grammy and I’d still forgive him.

Here’s Anna now looking adorable at The 2009 Royal Film Performance and world premiere of The Lovely Bones on 11/25/09 (say that three times fast).  Could someone give this girl some jewelry?  She lacks sparkle!

And please to enjoy a few pics of Georgie boy on the set of his new movie The American in Rome, Italy, ironically.  Leathery handsomeness!

Gallery Info: Anna Kendrick and George Clooney at the 2009 Royal Film Performance and on set in Rome, respectively.