George Clooney Enjoys Some Nookie in Italy

December 12th, 2007 // 6 Comments

Ah, spending the holidays on the arm of George Clooney in Rome. Doesn’t sound like too shabby of a deal, if you’re OK with the fact that it can’t ever last. I’m not dissing George or his relationship, I’m just saying, he really likes being a bachelor. But his girlfriend, Sarah Larson, might as well just go ahead and enjoy it while she can. She took a visit to the famous Trevi Fountain to toss in a coin for good luck and later that evening, the two went out for a romantic dinner. It’s all fun and games, of course, until things turn into a Fellini movie. Before you know it, things are black and white and George’s mother appears, leading a parade of all the women he’s ever lusted for and then I suddenly realize that I was never really paying as much attention as I should have been in film class.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

By Lisa Timmons

  1. stolidog

    if “bachelor” means “homosexual”, you got it right.

  2. FreakyZ

    She looks like an FAS baby.

    And he’s just gross.

  3. I was their this summer. You really can’t get a decent shot at the fountain . Lake como is more than one lake and it winds around. THe piza I had was not great and they wont let you in the church if your not dressed “proper”. Rome, Milan, and COmo are all overrated. The stores were smaller than I expecteed. AMerica sure does spoil us.Paris was better good vay caybut as I said overrated. Get this the concierge at my hotel told us there was no places to party in Milan I called him a liar the Valentino thing was going on.

  4. Shelly

    Maybe she’s a great cook and she does look alot like his mother!

  5. Midnight

    Also noticed that she looks like his mom. Freud would have a good time with that one, huh? I’m tired of working. How can I be famous for being with someone famous? The old tired cliche of working hard and earning success by your own merits is a load of crap. I want a sugar daddy to buy me expensive clothes, dine me, and make me look like a lady. I want to waive at my adoring fans.

  6. WorleyGirl

    “She looks like a country singers ‘x’ that had a major swanlike plastic surgical procedure. Wasn’t she dating an old retired bald hockey player too – or does he just pay for the ongoing plastic surgeries in order to suck in those he’s jealous of and want’s to ruin? Working on another ‘fundraiser’.?”

    Rumor Fixer – Fix This Rumor.

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