George Clooney Moving Out, David Beckham Moving In

What do George Clooney and David Beckham have in common?
1. Their ability to make women do crazy things at mere sightings of them.
2. Their humanitarian efforts to impact the world through their star-power.
3. Their exceptional taste in fashion
5. Their exceptional taste in real estate
Wait. What?
Apparently, George Clooney is putting up his Italian villa in Lago di Como, just north of Milan, because he is done and done with dealing with the pestering Italian paparazzi. (Dear God, please never bring me to this point of my career). 
The property which George originally purchased for $10 million (of course he did), is now on the market with estimates of up to $30 million. One particular offer coming in from the equally handsome and financially-blessed cutie, David Beckham.
And since Becks is currently playing for Italian club team, AC Milan, then why not just pack your bags and share some wine and gnocchi at George’s place?
No word yet on final negotiations but my bet is that since David and Victoria Beckham are so may-jor and used to European pappa-crazies, then they should have no problems adjusting to the attention the villa tends to attract. 
Ahh, just another day in the lives of the rich and the beautiful. 
Until then George should just enjoy gallivanting girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis on Broadway and get as much rest before Oscar night.