George Clooney Loves Ladies Long Time

An exotic dancer from Las Vegas’ strip club, the Spearmint Rhino, claims that she enjoyed a 3-month fling with Hollywood bachelor, George Clooney. Sarah Talley gushed to The Mirror that Clooney was never less than a gentleman with her and she enjoyed every minute of their sensual, friendly relationship.

“He’s got a great body, great legs and his feet are perfect for a man. We kissed and cuddled into the early hours but he didn’t treat me like a dancer. He was respectful of my wishes.”

Sarah had a bunch more details about their interactions together, but the above is by far my favorite. I am dying to know what perfect feet on a man look like. I have a feeling she means that his toenails aren’t pointy like daggers at the end. To my boyfriend: If you’re reading this, I still love you baby, but seriously, sometimes you draw blood with those registered weapons on the ends of your toes.