George Clooney Gives Pam Anderson Dating Rumor The Old “Hell To The Nah” Treatment

George Clooney’s quick reaction time in nixing any possible rumors that he and Pamela Anderson are linked romantically is quite impressive indeed. In case you hadn’t heard, George and Pam supposedly shared a romantic dinner at the Valley Inn restaurant in Sherman Oaks on January 7th, which included some sitting-on-the-lap action. There has also been talk of shared dog walks to add fuel to the fire.

But, Georgie claims foul, saying that none of that’s true. His rep, Stan Rosenfield, released a statement in which the actor states, “I worked with Pam 7 years ago and haven’t seen her since. And I’ve never been to that restaurant.”

Personally, I think any attempts at dating so shortly after the death of his pot-bellied pig would be a mistake. Guy needs to give himself more time to heal before trying to fill that hole in his heart with giant gobs of silicone.