George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio Donate A Million To Haiti

George Clooney must be tired because he’s been up for three days straight helping to put together the Hope for Haiti concert and telethon airing tonight on multiple stations. Tired but generous.  He is already set to make one million dollars donation during the live telethon. I wonder what other Hope for Haiti participant, Brad Pitt, will contribute since he and Angelina Jolie have a track record for million dollar charitable donations.

I’m excited to see what Clooney has been working on come together, especially now that Beyonce and Madonna have joined the list of performers. His work has paid off with a long list of celebrities including Robert Pattison set to perform and host.

Leonardo DiCaprio is also donating a million dollars to help Haiti through the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund (CBHF), set up to tackle short term and long term problems in the country. 

Here are both the charitable chaps at the Golden Globes, where Clooney was also busy recruiting celebs for the telethon.