George Clooney, Energy Expert?

Hmm, now, I know that he appears to be a spry gentleman who dates women half his age, despite the graying temples and whatnot, but I had no idea that George Clooney would be a qualified candidate to sit on the executive board of an energy company. The Swiss company will be charged with the task of creating energy-efficient methods for automobiles and other energy-consuming appliances. Nicolas Hayek, the billionaire behind the whole operation and chairman of the Swatch Group, said that he initially was unsure if Al Gore would be a better fit, but ultimately decided to offer the position to Clooney. Um, well, I guess this is a good thing, publicity-wise, but I still don’t understand the correlation. Whatever, instead, I’d rather focus on the fact that George is looking very rugged in his leather jacket and expensive jeans, which he wears with some well-worn boots. Honestly, I can’t help but find it hot that his boots are dirty. But that’s just me.