Here’s The 911 Call From George Clooney’s Motorcycle Accident

You can hear it here. As we previously reported, Geroge Clooney was in a motorcycle accident last week in which he suffered a broken rib and his date broke her foot. Now she’s hobbling around on crutches and he’s looking like the Unabomber. I don’t like this whole Arctic expedition look he’s got going on. Where’s the Cary Grant deal? That’s the Clooney we love. I know it’s for a movie, but I need to be turned on a little by my matinee idols.

Clooney and girlfriend-of-the-moment Sarah Larson were riding his hog on Friday, when cops say he collided with another car. He was treated for a hairline rib fracture and road rash, while Miss Larson suffered a broken foot.

The person making the call doesn’t know Clooney was involved in the accident. The dispatcher seems really confused, not understanding it was a motorcycle incident and two people are on the ground.

You can faintly hear Clooney and Sarah in the background during the last part of the tape.

Seriously, don’t call 911 for help in New Jersey. “There’s someone in the house with a gun!” “Uh, well, are you sure it’s a real gun? Can you hold on a sec? My Hot Pocket is ready.”