George Clooney In Venice (Tilda Swinton Rules)

George Clooney and his grizzled yet fine ass attended the 75th Venice Film Festival and shilled his new flick “Michael Clayton”. I saw the trailer for this one, and it looked terribly boring until Tilda Swinton popped up. I could watch Tilda Swinton peel potatoes. She could show me paint samples and I’d be enthralled. She could even talk about the drudgery of filming “High School Musical 2″ and I’d be rapt and offer to freshen her drink.

In ‘Michael Clayton’ — headed into theaters in October — Clooney plays an in-house “fixer” at one of the largest corporate law firms in New York City. Known as “The Janitor” by his colleagues, his job is to clean up the messes of the wealthy clients represented by his employer — the law firm of Kenner, Bach & Ledeen. Burnt out and discontented in his job, Clayton doesn’t have the option of quitting, because a divorce, a gambling habit and a failed business venture have left him without funds.

Like I said, stifle your yawn. But Tilda Swinton! Remember that flick when her gay son accidentally killed his new lover and the guy from “ER” was blackmailing her ass and she had to run around trying to cover everything up? That’s a hot movie. Tilda’s so boss. I know this post was supposed to be about Clooney but just enjoy the pictures of him and think about how cool Tilda Swinton is. And how much taller she is then him. Shit, she could break him over her knee and do some more hot films without batting an eyelash.


More photos of George Clooney attending the Venice Film Festival to promote his film “Michael Clayton “are after the jump.