George Clooney Forced To Cut Back Boozing

Due to the blood transfusions that George Clooney is receiving for his spinal injury last year, GC has had to cap his drinking.

The actor was left in agony when a stunt in his movie SYRIANA backfired, leaving the actor with spinal fluid dripping out of his nose. He underwent months of agonizing spinal cap surgery and wore a neck brace to a couple of Hollywood functions – and he’s still not completely recovered.

He explains, “They take blood out of my arm and inject it into my spine. It’s a slow, ongoing process, but it’s getting better. “You can’t drink when you do it. You have to wait a couple of weeks. That’s cruel, man, that’s not cool for an Irishman.”

Let’s all say a little prayer for George, so he can get back on the bottle ASAP.

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