George Clooney To Direct Ryan Gosling In Renamed ‘The Ides of March’

George Clooney’s newest directing project The Ides of March (renamed from Farragut North, the play on which it’s based) officially has Ryan Gosling on-board. Clooney had been courting the brooding actor and finally succeeded. Clooney will star as a Democratic Party candidate hopeful running in the primaries, with Gosling playing the press spokesman. Paul Giamatti will also star in the film as a rival campaign manager. The film also features Marissa Tomei playing a New York times reporter and Evan Rachel Wood as an intern (what else?).

Ryan Gosling is turning into quite the hot commodity, with Blue Valentine about to be released and filming Drive with Carey Mulligan, where he was pictured Tuesday shooting a gory scene. Is Gosling the next Leonardo DiCaprio? Gosling has had a similar arch, finding fame with a romantic, sappy hit and riding that wave into meatier projects. Either way, it’s definitely his year.