George Clooney & Stacy Keibler Look Calm, Cool & Collected On Lake Como [PHOTOS]

Brad & George At CCMA's
Brad Pitt and George Clooney attend the Critics' Choice Movie Awards.
Just look at you two perfect specimens of nature.

A-list hottie George Clooney and lovely girlfriend Stacy Keibler were spotted enjoying the gorgeous weather with a boat trip on Lake Como. The duo were joined by a large group of friends, probably so George had more people to show of his boat driving skills to.

George and Stacy have pretty much done every romantic you could think of: romantic boat rides with just the two of them, fancy dinners at the most exclusive restaurants and of course a fabulous motorcycle ride. Hey George, when you and Stacy break up can I be your girlfriend?

Wait! Guys! What if this is it? What if the next romantic thing they do is not break up? What if Stacy has finally tamed the untamable beast? Hot damn.

Check out all the photos of their boat trip in the gallery. How much do you wish you were on that boat, too?

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