George Clooney & Sandra Bullock Continue To Be The Perfect Couple That Never Was As Emma Watson Looks Amazing For ‘Gravity’

Topless Emma!
Emma goes topless for Earth Day!
Guys, why can’t George Clooney and Sandra Bullock just admit to the world that they are together?

OK, maybe because they’re not, but that didn’t stop the duo from looking positively perfect and adorable last night (October 1) in New York City at the premiere of their film, Gravity. Would you just look at the way his black suit compliments her figure-hugging white dress. Perfection.

Speaking of figure-hugging white dresses, Emma Watson you are looking gorgeous. Lady looks great in an oversized Great Gatsby sweater and on the red carpet. Not fair. 

Maybe Emma could have given some fashion pointers to Katie Holmes on what to wear. Katie’s pink dress is pretty boring and I’m not a huge fan of her messy ponytail. I’ve just been so confused by everything Katie has been doing recently.

What I am not confused about though is how awesome Gravity is going to be. Have you seen the trailers? The trailers give me chills! So. Freaking. Excited. Launch the gallery to check out all the fun from the red carpet. Love George and Sandy like we do? Hate Katie’s look? Sound off in the comments!