George Clooney Parties Like a Bachelor

May 26th, 2013 // Leave a Comment

Regardless of whether or not George Clooney is on the market, (supposedly he and Stacy Kiebler are still together, despite rumors to the contrary), this lifelong single guy knows how to party like a man with nary a responsibility in the world.

Acting like a geographic bachelor, George was spotted at Loulou’s nightclub in London, living it up and dancing with unidentified ladies over the weekend while Stacy was nowhere to be seen.

While reports claim that George and Stacy are still an item, an insider reveals that their relationship is coming to a close that is typical of Mr. Clooney’s style. The snitch claims that a year and a half is about as long as George’s relationships usually last and that Clooney and Kiebler are fast approaching that milestone.

The source says, “When he starts buying you things, it’s his way of letting you down easy.”

Eh, there are worse ways to get dumped.

By Lisa Timmons

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