Is George Clooney Getting Serious With Former WWE Wrestler Stacy Keibler?

Well, it seems that even though George Clooney has no intention of ever getting married again, he clearly has no intention of staying single for a long period of time either. MailOnline reports that George has quietly been dating former WWE wrestler, Stacy Keibler. Also, is that pronounced like the elf cookies?

The reports of George’s new lady may come as a little bit of a surprise since he only broke off his two year relationship with model Elisabetta Canalis a little over a month ago. According to MailOnline, George and Stacy have known each other for several years, but only decided to begin dating after things fizzled with Elisabetta. “It’s more than just a fling,” one insider said. “They’re basically exclusive at this point. They like each other’s sense of humour. Obviously they’re both physically attracted to one another.”

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George has been keeping a relatively low profile since the break-up, only popping out for a few guys nights out. Elisabetta seems to be keeping a little more busy–she was recently spotted with Dwayne Wade.

So now the real question comes: is this for real or just some fabricated rumor? Well, there are no pictures of Stacy and George online, but I’m thinking the possibilities are pretty good. We know that George likes his women hot–just look at his track record–and Stacy totally is. I guess we’re just gonna have to wait and see what happens. What do you guys think? Is it for real? Just a rumor? Do you want to date George yourself? Let us know in the comments!