George Clooney Gets A Little Tipsy, Channels Clark Gable With His Mustache

George Clooney On Stage
Clooney at the 23rd Annual Producers Guild Awards.
Hey there, George Clooney. Need a little help leaving the restaurant?

The super sexy actor was spotted in London last night looking a little tipsy as he left Nobu Berkeley. Also, why is he wearing sunglasses? There is clearly no sun out. I don’t care that they’re not fully black, they just look silly.

So, I’ve never really been into mustaches, but I am definitely enjoying this one on George. Also, he totally looks like Clark Gable with the stache. Like, even hotter Clark Gable. Cause Clark was hot and all, but I could never get past the ears. 

Is anyone else curious why George’s girlfriend, Stacy Keibler, is at Cannes without her famous other half? I do hope that everything is OK in paradise because I love these two together. Stacy is definitely my favorite George girlfriend.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of George looking a little out of it. Still think he’s one of the sexiest things on this planet? Of course you do!