George Clooney Arrives In Washington To Testify On Sudan ‘War Crimes’ [PHOTOS]

George Clooney: 2010 Oscars
Clooney brought then-girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis.
Hollywood heartthrob and activist George Clooney on Tuesday said Sudanese government forces are committing war crimes with attacks on civilians — including a rocket strike that he narrowly escaped.

Clooney will testify before Congress today, a day after returning from a trip to a dangerous area under frequent attacks in Sudan. George is seen here arriving in Washington DC last night (March 13) by Amtrak train.

“There’s a difference between two armies fighting and what the Geneva Convention calls war crimes,” Clooney told a foreign policy think tank in New York hours after arriving back in the United States from a visit to the Nuba mountains region. 

“We saw that very specifically happening on two occasions: rape, starvation, lack of humanitarian aid. They’re scaring the hell out of these people and they’re killing, hoping and trying to get them just to leave,” he said. 

Clooney has long called attention to the war between Sudan and newly independent South Sudan. On a trip in January he contracted malaria. On this trip the risks were even greater, he said.