Gentle Giant, Not So Gentle

Brad Garret, the tall and lovable “Everybody Loves Raymond” star, went bat-shit crazy last night. After being taunted by some paparazzi at Nobu, Garret assaulted a TMZ photographer.

“According to several witnesses and FAME, last month Brad noticed a black photog taking his picture, and in Kramer-esque fashion quipped, “I didn’t know there were black people in Malibu. Go back to where you came from.” Fast forward to last night, where the 6’8″ behemoth reached his boiling point when the same black photog questioned him about the alleged comment. Apparently confused, Garrett approached TMZ’s cameraman instead and unleashed his right hand, smashing the camera into the photog’s face.”

Why do I have the feeling that Brad has never seen “Roots” before? Great movie. He should really put the TV Guide down and run out to Blockbuster.