Hayden Panettiere Saved A Dolphin, Got A Plaque

Hayden Panettiere was honored by the Human Society at the Genesis Awards on Saturday night for protesting the slaughter of dolphins in Japan. If you’ll recall, Hayden donned a wetsuit and paddled her ass out in front of a Japanese freighter to stop them from offing Flipper.

The audience viewed a clip of Hayden in action, and then gave her a standing ovation as she took the stage.

“As an actress, you always dream of getting awards like the Golden Globe award, but I never expected to get an award that is this special and important to me as this,” Hayden said. “There are people who dedicate their entire lives to preserving the environment and defending animals, they are so much more deserving of something like this.”

Hayden apparently was so moved that she had to leave the stage and go to the ladies room to collect her shit. She’s big into the dolphins.

The only other thing I want to ask about is if Hal Sparks is playing Gene Simmons in a KISS movie? And did he wear the same outfit to the Kids’ Choice Awards? And why was he at either of these events? Is he big into kids and animals? Was he valeting?

Photos: Getty Images

12 more photos from the Genesis Awards featuring Hayden Panettiere, Linda Cardellini, Kyle McLachlan, David Krumholz, Mike White, James Cromwell, Andrea Bowden, Hal Sparks and Anderson Cooper are after the jump.

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Photos: Getty Images