Gemma Arterton Enjoyed Jake Gyllenhaal’s Abs In ‘Prince Of Persia’

That’s like saying, my,  ice cream is good or it sure is nice when the sun is out.

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of sharing these pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal and his insane washboard stomach that begs to be used as a serving platter. Jake’s Prince of Persia costar Gemma Arterton played it cool though. “I was so nervous about my own work, I was just like ‘oh yeah nice body’ – but I remember I was flabbergasted,” she said at the LA premiere yesterday (May 17). “I’ve seen a few bodies now, Daniel Craig and what not, but it still takes me by surprise.” Note to self: become an actress.

Gemma looked pretty amazing herself at the premiere in a long draped nude color gown with a heavily embellished shoulder, flawless skin and an orange/red lip color I’m dying to get my hands on. The cast walked the red carpet in LA after they recently premiered in Moscow. Jake might not have the abs anymore, but he dresses up nicely in Tom Ford.

Alanis Morissette looks….well in case you were wondering she still has boobies. She has, however, lost a brush and a waist.

Jamie King is usually on the edge for me, but I’m digging her decorative sundress with boots, even if the bottom reminds me a bit of a parachute.

Tia Carrere, you’re smoking how come you never made it? I really thought you would after Wayne’s World, but then I think I saw you on an episode of Happily Ever After and it was like you just didn’t care anymore. But this post is about fashion and you look sleek, luv.

Donald Faison, your pants are baggy and so is your…okay I’m not going there, but is your girl Cacee Cobb pregnant or what? And are you ever going to put a ring on it? It’s been four years and my mama always used to say ‘you got to shit or get off the pot.” We have evidence that you know how.