Geena Davis: The Spread

March 4th, 2005 // 10 Comments

Oh my lord.

[See the unobscured photo at Rob Thurman]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Rob

    COME ON! I just ate lunch…

  2. ali

    Oh MY GOD!!! Is that the alien from “Alien”????

  3. OK…..where’s her chest?

  4. eric

    i thought that was Leonardo DiCaprio… either way i think i’m gonna hurl.

  5. Marty

    Checked IMDB and the woman is just shy of 50. So, all I can say is we should all be so lucky. Awkward pose, fran-tastic for her age.

  6. Tina-Marie_90209

    Please do not judge what you do not know. She [Geena] might have been in the middle of movement… Remember, she is a woman who decided to have 3 children in her 40′s, and the woman still looks amazing. She has also managed to remain a member of Mensa, married a neuro-surgeon 15yrs. her junior, and qualified for the Olympics as an archer.

    Kudos to her! Who cares about one non-posed photo!

  7. PsychoCandy

    OMG!!! My eyes are bleeding!!!!

  8. finn

    Frankly, I think she looks great! OK, a little saggy, but my god, she ain’t no spring chicken.

  9. LuvChoo

    The pose is simply unflattering. Even her panties or whatever she’s got on don’t fit.

  10. uwishuwereme

    It looks photoshopped…look at the neck..looks like a man’s neck..which explains the “no boobs”..

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