Gawker, Defamer, Page Six And A Socialite’s Life

Mmmmm. It seems like someone else is receiving the same emails as I am.

Hi, I’m a photographer who knows of these 3 socialites who are breaking out onto the scene. Their names are Sam Greisman, Bryan Kent and Amanda Greenberg. Sam is actually Sally Field’s son, and Amanda and Bryan are from extremely prominent families in LA. So last night was Steven Spielberg’s son’s Bar Mitzvah party and of course, the trio were there among many many many other celebs at Michael’s Restaurant in Santa Monica. And of course, I was there with some other paparazzis and we were getting good pictures of them as they waited at the valet. These three are going to be huge, and I overheard that they are going to several premieres in the next months so we are sure to see them more. But we should do something on them before anyone else so we can be the first! Hope to hear from you soon.

And here I thought I was special. Well, we happened to receive a second email about the trio.

Well, I ran into the trio again on Friday night at The Ivy where they had dinner with Sally Field. After that I found them in The Polo Lounge (editor’s note – found them, or stalking them) at the Beverly Hills Hotel where they were definately making a scene. They all drank Redbulls and were laughing really really loud. People were looking at them and thought they recognized the three, but just couldn’t put their finger on them (editors note – maybe they just found them to be fucking annoying). Then last night, I saw them outside the Sin City Premiere after party. A fellow photographer actually gave me some information on the trio. All three of them are 17 years old and go to a private school in LA. Bryan Kent is actually a co-creator and producer of his own television show called The Pulse. I actually researched it and I believe there is a website. If wanted, I believe I could get that link for you. Anyway, I know that they are for sure going to the Star Wars III premiere in May, however, I do not know what they have in store next. I know that Amanda and Bryan live in the Pacific Palisades, but I’m not sure about Sam. A good friend of mine who is another photographer, Sam Winter, saw them at Barney’s Greengrass at Barney’s New York in Beverly Hills yesterday. I know all three of them have partied with Lindsay Lohan, Paris and Nicki Hilton, and also Nicole Richie. They are definitely on the rise and I think that if we stay on top of them, once they get really huge we’ll be the first to have the info. I know some writers at US Weekly wanted to do a story on the three, but they are trying to get more information on them. Good incentive for you to do something on them now.

How interesting that all three manage to always be together. You would think that they have a publicist working for them. I think it’s so kind for the paparazzi to try and further the careers of up-and-coming socialites.

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