Gavin Rossdale’s Daughter Chats Up W Magazine

Daisy Lowe, 17-year old lovechild of fashion designer Pearl Lowe and Bush frontman, Gavin Rossdale, gave her first interview since discovering her parentage. Raised believing that her father was her mother’s longtime boyfriend, Supergrass drummer, Danny Goffey, Daisy said her world was turned upside down when she discovered that Rossdale was, in fact, her real father.

Additionally, she states that she still considers Goffey the main father figure in her life. In an interview set to hit newsstands in September, Lowe said to W, “I definitely don’t call Gwen ‘Stepmum.’ “

Dang girl. Shouldn’t you be writing a book, or an album or something? If I was sitting on some info like this, I sure as hell wouldn’t JUST be giving an interview. At least go get yourself a reality show or something.

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