Gavin Rossdale Hints at Something That Would Have Made My Hormonal Teenage Self Very Happy

June 27th, 2007 // 4 Comments


Former frontman for the late 90s grunge band, Bush, Gavin Rossdale recently hinted to Ryan Seacrest on his L.A. radio show that he might be considering getting the band back together. At the moment, Rossdale is busy working on a new solo album, which he is recording in Hawaii, but admits that he’s feeling nostalgic for performing with his former bandmates.

“I kinda miss the band thing. I loved being in the band. It’s kind of like a team.”

Nor did Gavin dismiss the possibility of Bush performing as a surprise act at the July 7th Live Earth event. Bless his heart, I think that ship may have sailed. Or maybe I just feel that way because I’m kind of over the whole gaunt, rocker-guy thing. It’s kind of like how I know I’m getting old, cause when I last rented “Reality Bites,” all I kept thinking was, “Why did Lelaina break up with Ben Stiller’s character? I’m pretty sure he had health insurance…” God, I even wear sensible shoes.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. babygirlchickie

    Love the Reality Bites reference! I loved that movie so much I named my daughter Lelaina :)

  2. green cardigan

    He’s rather fine isn’t he?

  3. peachpie

    before i read the story headline, i saw the pic. i thought it was tom sizemore. then i read the headline… and thought tom and gavin had hooked up. i should stop thinking so much. weird.

  4. exclusive

    Noo, the ship has not sailed. This is some of the most emotionally charged music of the era. And for me 90′s rock took the cake. This is what played on MTV SB 1996, compare this to the music category of 2000 decade. This music was way more meaningful and creative than the pop/hiphop rave that is taking over. So, let have at it and give a tour we can all remember

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