Gassy Britney is Popular

Starpulse notes that a gassy Britney intrigued by time travel was the most downloaded clip of the year or some shit.

A clip of Britney Spears burping has topped a chart for the most viewed internet viral video of 2006. The star was filmed belching and mumbling her thoughts on time travel in the footage, which made its way onto the internet.

Spears’ clip has now been viewed by over 3 million people online according to, which monitors the web for popular clips spread through blogs, emails and instant messages.

Spears’ ex Kevin Federline came in second place, with footage supposedly showing him receiving a break-up text message from his estranged beau.

Hopefully when Britney finally constructs her wayback machine, she goes back to a simpler time when she didn’t leave her trailer WITHOUT SEEKING THE ADVICE OF A STYLIST. Wash your hair! And before you show off that belly, take it back to its taut beginnings. Egads, woman. Collect yourself!

More photos of Britney Spears doing a little shopping after the jump.

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(Image source)