A hush falls over the landscape of the fashion industry as it is announced that a size twelve model will be ruling the runway. John Lewis is going where no designer dares to stick their measuring tape by selecting a double-digit sized model to strut the catwalk. Lauren Moller has won the spot of repping the summer collection and her photo shoot is just around the corner. Lewis has used size ten models and store mannequins in the past, but the size twelve is more ideal to “real life body shapes.”

Sporting the measurements of what sounds like a fairly trim frame, Lauren is 5′ 8″ with a 26-inch waist and 37.5 inch hips. Despite her svelte numbers, John stands by his claim that she is indeed a size twelve. The modeling agencies that were contacted in search of the proper size twelve considered it to be a “plus size.” The maximum hip measurement (for most agencies) is around 36-37 inches.

The touchy issue of weight is a continued battle in the industry, most especially regarding the issue of a minimum body fat requirement for models. Then, last night before my yoga class I mentioned the subject to one of my fellow yoga fans. Her feelings supporting a ban on underweight models were strong, but with a catch.

“If the issue is health behind the ban, then shouldn’t there be an equality? If you are going to ban the underweight then shouldn’t there be an official ban for the overweight? Obesity is just as serious health threat as anorexia.”

As I was breathing in ‘down dog’ I thought about what she had said. It made absolute sense in my head. Then a poll was born.

*Note* My friend and I were discussing the ban in general. She nor I, consider the size 12 obese. This Lauren article just coincided with my “curves welcome” theory. My apologies if that was unclear. *NOTE* The above picture is of said model. So in no way shape or form I am misleading anyone with a picture of a diifferent model. The above picture is from a London newspaper of Lauren Moller who claims to be a size 12. As size differs in countries please take it with a grain of salt.

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