Gary Dourdan From ‘C.S.I.’ Arrested With All Sorts Of Good Drugs

When you have a hit show, and a comfortable gig, don’t f*ck it up. Just get some help behind the scenes. So many actors would kill for this bitch’s gig. Gary Dourdan, who plays Warwick Brown on CBS’s mega-successful C.S.I., was busted outside of Palm Springs, California last night for possession of cocaine, heroin and ecstasy. He must have really wanted to get high.

Police found the 41-year-old actor, real name Robert Gary Durdin, passed out in his car at 5:12 AM on the wrong side of the road. Police said his ass appeared inebriated when they approached the car and woke him up. He was booked at the Palm Springs jail and released on $10,000 bail at 10:30 this morning.

This one is always out and about in the clubs and scuffling with paparazzi and acting the fool. Comb your Afro, get to a meeting, and learn your lines. Sources say he won’t be returning to C.S.I. next season. If show business is too much, open a falafel stand or something. On another note, I know who to approach if I want to score. He’s packin’!

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