Gary Coleman’s Parents Want Answers About His Death

Gary Coleman’s parents, who only learned of the actor’s death through the media, want more details on how he died. Coleman, who starred on Diff’rent Strokes, died on Friday at age 42.

Few details have emerged about how Coleman died, after suffered a fatal blow to the head from a fall. He was taken off life support at the Utah Valley Regional
Medical Center, where he was in critical condition.  

“We’re not pointing fingers at anyone, but we need to know exactly what happened,” his mother Sue Coleman told PEOPLE magazine.

As of yet, there is no official cause of death though police said there was nothing suspicious about the circumstances. Still Coleman’s estranged parents, who only watched his life through media coverage.

“We’re not angry,” his mother said. “We’re just concerned. Did our son fall down the stairs? Did he fall in the bathtub?”

A hospital spokeswoman has only said there was an “accident” at the actor’s house.