Garrett Hedlund Looks Cute As He Kirsten Dunst Head Back To NYC

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Few things make me as sad as when my favorite folks start leaving the Cannes Film Festival. Why does it ever have to end?!

Last night saw the stateside return of Kirsten Dunst and her beau, Garrett Hedlund. The charming duo had attended the festival to promote Garrett’s latest film–and the toast of Cannes–Inside Llewyn Davis.

A movie with Garrett, Justin Timberlake and Carey Mulligan? And it’s directed by the Coen Brothers? And it’s about folk music? And all your favorite Coen Brothers actors make appearance? Oh I am so in with this one. 

Garrett and Kirsten were spotted landing at JFK last night looking all sorts of bundled up. Hey Garrett, you should stop wearing hats and dress like this all the time. Kirsten, you do not have to dress like this all the time. I mean, unless you want to.

Launch the gallery to check out all the cuteness radiating from the couple. Does Inside Llewyn Davis sound as exciting for you as it does more me? Sound off in the comments!