Garrett Hedlund Looks Brooding In ‘Flaunt’ Magazine, Talks About All The Time Movies Made Him Cry

15 Garrett Facts
15 fun facts about actor Garrett Hedlund!
You know those times when you read an interview and think, “This! This is amazing!”

That’s how I feel about Garrett Hedlund’s latest interview in the 15th anniversary issue of Flaunt magazine. Aside from the fact that he looks absolutely gorgeous in the photoshoot, the interview just makes me love him even more.

Writer Andrew Pogany set up the piece as an “unpeeling” process, with 15 ways of looking at Garrett. And basically, it’s the most brilliant thing I’ve read all week. 

You already know it’s going to be good when it starts off with, “It’s good to have Garrett Hedlund standing next to you upon discovering a brunch reservation is required and no brunch reservation has in fact been made. They’ll seat you anyway. You can brunch anywhere.”

The really interesting bits–for me anyway–are when Garrett talks about all the movies and books that have made him cry, or almost cry. “Garrett Hedlund recalls the first time a movie ever made him cry. The year is 2001, probably. The film, I Am Sam.” He also shed tears watching his movie Lullaby, about a man whose father decides to go off of life support, and during Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. “It fuckin’ got me.”

There’s just so much more from this interview I could quote for you from Garrett talking about Brad Pitt to his dad, but you need to read it yourself. So go do that. But first, launch the gallery for some brooding Garrett. Celebrity crush of the week, right here.