Garrett Hedlund, Kristen Stewart & More Look Snazzy At The AFI Fest Premiere Of ‘On The Road’ [PHOTOS]

'On The Road'
The film drew quite a crowd at Cannes.
Looks like all the stars are getting ready to get back On The Road again! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

Garrett Hedlund, Kristen Stewart and Amy Adams were all out and ready last night to premiere their latest film, On The Road, at the AFI Fest. Dang, this movie has had quite a lot of premieres. Lovely actress Eva Mendes also made an appearance on the red carpet, but sadly without her hottie of a man, Ryan Gosling.

Garrett looked super sexy–as always–in a navy suit. Why wasn’t Kirsten Dunst there with him? Amy went for glamour in a gorgeous puffy and patterned dress. Kristen went for something more structured in a revealing white top and black pants. You guys will never guess what Kristen had to say recently about Twilight

You know those crazy sex scenes fans have been waiting for that are set to happen in Breaking Dawn Part 2? Well, apparently they were awful to shoot. Kristen told E! News, “[The director] Bill [Condon] kept saying that he wanted to make this one feel like you’re very much inside of the experience. Like you’re there, you’re sort of a part of it, which is odd. But to do that we had to look directly into the camera instead of at each other. It was awful! I was like, ‘Bill, you’re depriving me of this experience. We’ve been waiting for vampire sex! What are you doing?!'” That does sound weird.

Luckily Kristen was probably prepared thanks to all sorts of crazy sexual stuff she did in On The Road. I wonder if she and Garrett ever have those moments of, “Oh yeah, remember when we did that shit together?” Also, Garrett Hedlund should be in every and all movies. Preferably shirtless. Or in a suit. See, I’m not picky.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from the red carpet. Who do you think was the best dressed? Looking forward to seeing On The Road? Sound off in the comments!