Garrett Hedlund & Kirsten Dunst Show Off Their Cuteness In L.A.

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At this point, I’m just waiting for Garrett Hedlund and Kirsten Dunst to get married.

This definitely seems to be Kirsten’s most successful relationship so far, and they’re just so precious together. The cuteness was definitely showing this weekend as Kirsten and Garrett were spotted out and about in Toluca Lake. Fun fact: that’s where Bob Hope lived.

Kirsten also enjoyed some time by a tree as she played with her hair. Hey Garrett, why didn’t you partake in tree time? Also, I am loving Kirsten’s super cute summer dress. 

Although part of me sort of wishes she’d just walk around town in her crazy Anchorman 2 costume, because that would just be fun for me. Ooo, maybe she and Garrett can make another movie together where both of them wear variations on that outfit. Sounds like a plan.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the cute couple. Waiting for Garrett to put a ring on it? Let us know in the comments!