Garrett Hedlund Gets Romantic For Vogue, Talks Iconic Role In ‘On The Road’ [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

15 Garrett Facts
15 fun facts about actor Garrett Hedlund!
These photographs of Garrett Hedlund are so amazing I could literally stare at them all day.

The super fine actor posed for this month’s issue of US Vogue as the face of Prada’s fall and winter collections. Garrett and Kati Nescher channeled a kind of old love story in the photos. It makes you feel like you’re being transported back to the 50s or 60s for a romantic road trip. It’s what I imagine Garrett’s trips are like with girlfriend, Kirsten Dunst.

Speaking of road trip’s, Garrett recently sat down with MTV to talk about the most epic road trip in his new movie, On The Road. Garrett is taking on quite the iconic role in Dean Moriarty. As he tells MTV, “When you read the book, you’re just kind of envious of this man. He’s so filled with life…you wish you were a little more like that.” Check out the video of the interview after the jump!

Garrett also talks about what it’s like to totally throw away all inhibitions for a role. “It’s kind of the easiest stuff to do within this, because you read the book, you laugh at those scenes when you read the book, and it says, ‘Dean answers the door naked.’ You see Camille in background. You see a painting on the wall of Dean naked with the shlong hanging out. You get a kick out of it, so when you laugh about that stuff, there’s no fear about it. You want people to laugh about it the same way when you watch the film, how brave it is and how carefree one can be.”

I’m sure we’ll all get a kick out of it. We’ll all especially get a kick out of his seeing loads of naked Garrett. Launch the gallery to check out the photos from his Vogue photo shoot and don’t forget to watch the interview below. So much Garrett! It’s amazing.


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