Garrett Clayton Goes For A Shirtless Jog And ‘Teen Beach Movie’ Premiere’s Tonight!

Garrett Clayton's Abs
Garrett Clayton goes for some skateboarding.
Look who it is! Garrett Clayton!

Never one to sit on his laurels, Clayton was spotted jogging shirtless in Hudson River Park in New York City yesterday (July 18, 2013).

Garrett’s Disney Channel original movie Teen Beach Movie premieres Friday at 9 p.m. on the Disney channel. The music-filled telefilm features songs influenced by surf rock, Motown R&B, rockabilly and pop and will also feature a movie soundtrack. 

Garrett plays teen idol, Tanner in the movie, who is also a surfer. The movie has fun with his golden-boy glam; when Tanner smiles, his teeth twinkle, like in a toothpaste ad.

“The hair, makeup and wardrobe make me look like a crazy Ken doll,” Clayton told Zap2it.

My niece is super excited for this movie, so Disney better not disappoint.

Want to see all of the shirtless jogging pics of Garrett Clayton? Then launch the above gallery!

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