‘Gangnam Style’ Parody: Wedding Edition [VIDEO]

Which singer was taught how to dance Gangnam Style?
Dance, Dance
Ellen flashes her moves to the paparazzi.
Imagine galloping in the most gorgeous dress or tuxedo you’ve ever worn. It seems kind of silly, maybe even ridiculous, right? Well the people in this video don’t think so!

Folks at LightbulbEnt on Youtube created this cool video for their cousin’s wedding! They said:

Check out the wedding music video Gangnam Style parody that we shot and put together for a very special wedding day. Stefani and Jeremy are one of our cousins and reached out to us about a fun video project. They wanted to make for their wedding day, and the Gangnam Style song and dance just seemed to be a perfect fit for them.

 Could entering your wedding reception galloping like a horse be the new trend? “Gangnam Style” has already spread like wildfire, so it really isn’t surprising that people are trying to incorporate it into different situations. Like with many other trends, (think planking and coning), we know they catch on quick, spread, and sooner or later disappear.

I have a feeling with how versatile Gangnam Style is, it might be around for a while. Creator Psy, probably never expected his silly little video would get so much publicity. And to think…this is only the beginning.