Game, Match, Dead: 11 Hours, 5 Minutes is Longest Tennis Match Ever

Seriously, one tennis match took 11 hours and 5 minutes over the course of three days? I’ve went on a drinking bender that was roughly the same scenario on a Labor Day weekend.

I won’t even pretend to be knowledgeable about the game of tennis (or sports in general), but I have to applaud both the winner, Josh Isner from Greensboro, North Carolina, and his opponent Nicolas Mahut for having the physical, emotional and intellectual capacity to endure what has been the longest game in Wimbledon history.

“When you come out and play a match like this, in an atmosphere like this, you don’t feel tired really out there,” Isner said, “even though that’s exactly what we both were.”

Isner finished with 112 aces, and Mahut had 103, with both totals eclipsing the sport’s previous high of 78.

“It stinks someone had to lose,” Isner said. “But to be able to share this day with him was an absolute honor. I wish him nothing but the best, and maybe I’ll see him somewhere down the road, and it won’t go 70-68.”

I seriously would just retire after that.