‘Game Of Thrones’ Recap: ‘The Watchers On The Wall’

Jon Snow Gets Casual
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Mammoths, giants, and a whole lot of blood!

That was just the tip of the iceberg on this week’s episode of HBO’s Game Of Thrones. After last week’s insane eye popping episode, fans were well prepared for this battle at the wall. Ygritte and her team of Wildlings await the signal from Mance Rayder to storm the ground base. Then Gilly and Sam are reunited!

But now Sam has to keep her somewhere safe before Mance Rayder and his one hundred thousand giants, mammoths, and cannibal Thenns attack the wall where the crows are outnumbered a hundred to one. This should be easy, right?

Sam hides Gilly and her baby in the basement cellar. He promises never to leave her again, but first he has to join his brothers of the wall in protecting the gate. He finally gets the balls to give her a kiss. Way to go, Sam!

Mance lights a huge fire to signal his army and start the fight against the wall. Mammoths and giants start attempting to get through the gate. Jon and Alliser Thorne man the top of the wall and Thorne admits that he was wrong and that they should have buried the tunnel.

Mance’s people start climbing the wall and the crows throw exploding oil barrels on them. They also lean over the wall rock climber style and shoot arrows at the climbing Wildlings like a bunch of insane badasses. But the giants have big ass arrows and skewer a few of the crows. Thorne realizes that Ygritte’s team is demolishing the resistance down at the gate so he puts Slynt in charge. Janos Slynt is a negative nelly and is basically destroying morale by telling the crows they are doomed. The crows lie to him and tell him he is needed below and Jon Snow takes over. Then that cowardly bastard Slynt goes to the cellar where Gilly is located and hides away.

After witnessing the crows kill off a couple of his buddies, one of the other giants gets enraged and single handedly lifts the gate and gets inside the tunnel. When Jon realizes that a giant will most likely break through the gate he sends Grenn and four men to protect it and hold the gate no matter what. Alliser Thorne is actually pretty awesome when it comes to fighting even though he was always a jerk to Jon Snow. He goes up against Tormund Giantsbane, but is fatally wounded.

Sam is helps Pyp load the crossbow and take out wildlings, but that badass bitch Ygritte kills Pyp off from afar. Earlier in the episode she made the Thenns promise not to kill Jon Snow, because she must be the one to kill him. Sam realizes shit is truly hitting fan and decides to go atop the wall and fetch Jon. The little boy Ollie whose family was killed by Ygritte and her troupe of Wildlings nearby Castle Black is scared to death and Sam commands him to start killing people with his arrows.

Jon tells Sam to release his direwolf Ghost, who then rips the throats out of Wildlings and Thenns left and right. Awesome. Jon Snow is also the hottest fighting warrior bastard in all the seven kingdoms. He goes up against the worst of the cannibal Thenns as Ygritte watches from afar. She tries to get a good shot of him, but the scuffle between the two men prevents her from shooting. Jon finishes the Thenn off with a hammer to the skull, yuck!

When Jon turns around Ygritte has him in her sights and is about to kill him, but they make eye contact and she can’t go through with it. Just as they’re about to speak the little boy Ollie gets brave and sends a fatal arrow to Ygritte’s heart. Before she passes away she asks Jon Snow if they can go back to the cave where they made love. Jon holds her until she dies.

The men atop the wall are able to hold off Mance’s men and release a massive chain with an ice scythe that takes out any remaining climbers. Mance’s men retreat and the crows cheer, but admit they’re lucky to have made it through the night. Tormund Giantsbane is still alive and Jon wounds him rather than killing him so that they can hold him prisoner. Jon isn’t optimistic about their chances for holding off Mance any longer than a few days. Sam and Jon find Grenn and the four other men dead after having stopped the giant from breaking down the gate and entering the tunnel.

Jon decides that he will leave the wall and find Mance Rayder, kill him off, and end the resistance from the Wildlings and their allied tribes. He leaves his sword and his direwolf with Sam and goes out through the gate into the unknown. Sam finds Gilly and the baby safe and sound in the cellar.