‘Game Of Thrones’ Recap: ‘The Old Gods And The New’, Harry Potter’s Tonks Shows Off Her Lady Bits

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Things are getting intense in HBO’s Game Of Thrones. Last week, Sansa had to endure humiliation by her betrothed Joffrey, but this week her life got even worse. If anyone was mad at her before, they most likely feel sympathy for her now. 

Theon takes Winterfell, killing Rodrick even after little Bran begs him not to. Luckily, Luwin was able to send a raven before Theon made his move. Let’s all agree that Theon is a super douche bag. That blue eyed hottie Rob Stark is aghast that his ‘brother’ would betray his family and cannot seem to find an explanation. 

Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) sends Cersei’s daughter Myrcella away to be married and she is furious. Sansa feels badly for Joffrey’s little brother, but the king tells him to stop crying about his lost sister. As they head back to the castle they are attacked by starving peasants and Joffrey orders that the crowd be executed. Everyone manages to escape inside, but Sansa is left to the peasants and is almost brutally raped before the Hound saves her. 

Meanwhile, Jon Snow and his comrades attack a camping group of wildlings only to find that one of them is a girl named Ygritte. Jon is supposed to kill her, but he hesitates and she runs. He chases after and catches her before realizing he is lost without his men. She thinks he is brave, but stupid and everyone watching wishes they could cuddle up next to Jon Snow on a cold night like Ygritte does. Am I the only one who wants to smooch Kit Harington’s face off? Talk about handsome!

Arya is getting closer to Tywin and her cover is almost blown when Petyr Baelish arrives. Peter would recognize her through her mother Catelyn, whom he loves. Arya even tries to steal a letter of correspondence before one of Tywin’s men catches her in the act. She runs to Jaqen and asks him to kill Amory before he gets to Tywin. Amory is dead upon arrival. 

In Quarth, Dany (Emilia Clarke) is trying to find ships to carry her across the sea so she can take back the Seven Kingdoms. Sadly, no one believes in her and when she reveals that she has dragons, she is robbed of them and her handmaiden is killed. The only person who wants to help her is Xaro, but he wants her hand in marriage and has limited resources. 

Osha already offered her services to Theon in exchange for her life, but he denied her. Now she offers him her body and while he is sleeping she kills one of his men and helps Bran escape from Winterfell. Osha is played by Natalia Tena who also played Tonks in the Harry Potter film series. It was kind of a shock to see her show her boobies on TV after playing such an innocent character in HP. I’ll never think of purple hair the same.