‘Game Of Thrones’ Recap: ‘The Climb’

Jon Snow On A Date
Kit Harington On A Double Date With His Lady & Pal Ben Barnes
Now that Jon Snow has officially broken his vow, he had yet another huge hurtle to climb on this week’s episode of HBO’s Game Of Thrones. Sam and Gilly are in the woods after the disaster with Craster and he sings her and the baby some old nursery rhymes. He tells her it’s only a few more days until they reach the wall and then a warm fire at his home.

Osha and Meera are being catty to one another until Bran tells them to get over it and be friends. Jojen has a seizure and Meera rushes to his side. Apparently, whenever he goes into wog mode it takes its toll. He wakes to inform Bran that Jon Snow is not with the Night’s Watch, but with the enemy on the wrong side of the wall. Bran is troubled by the news.

Jon Snow and his new lover Ygritte prepare to climb the wall with Mance Rayder’s peeps using rudimentary shit climbing gear. Ygritte tells Jon she knows his secret, that he never truly disavowed the Night’s Watch and will not abandon the crows. She tells him that neither of their armies care about them and that he should be loyal to her, his woman. They begin the climb and trouble strikes. The skinny wog gets scared and tries to cut Ygritte and Jon loose from the line, but Snow gets his ice pick into the wall just in time to save both of their lives. When they reach the top of the wall they are astounded by the view and make out facing Jon’s side of the landscape which Ygritte has never seen.

While practicing archery in the woods, Arya sees a group approaching. It turns out to be Melisandre who speaks to Thoros in High Valyrian. Then she visits Beric in the cave and examines his wounds. Thoros explains that he never received any answers from the Lord of Light until he prayed for Beric. She tells them she has come for another and her men take with them Gendry for two big ass bags of gold. Arya is in shock and tells Melisandre that she is a witch. The lady in red tells Arya that there is a darkness within her that stares back and then she leaves.

Theon is still being tortured by an unknown dude. His captor tells him that if he can guess who he is then he won’t harm him. Theon tries a few guesses until he comes upon the Karstark clan. The captor says he is onto something, but then tells him that Theon should have asked him if he is a liar before making his guess. The captor continues to torture him.

The Frey’s meet with Rob and ask for an apology for his snubbing their daughter in marriage. Then they demand that Rob’s uncle take a daughter to wed, which he refuses. After some talking to the uncle agrees it is what is best in order to keep the Frey’s on their side and win the war.

Jaime and Brienne are all washed up and attend dinner with Roose Bolton. She is wearing a terrible pink colored dress and feels ridiculous. Brienne helps him cut his meat in order to feed himself with one hand. Roose informs Jaime that Brienne won’t be accompanying him to King’s Landing. They both protest, but decide there is nothing to be done. Brienne is being charged with treason.

Tywin goes to old lady Olenna to ask for Loras’ hand for Cersei. Olenna says that Cersei is old while Tywin reminds her that Loras is into dudes. He says that id she doesn’t agree to the marriage he will make Loras a Kings Guard which will require him to take oaths and never be able to procreate or pass on the Tyrell legacy. Olenna agrees to Cersei and Loras’ marriage.

Sansa is unaware of any arrangements and still thinks that she and Loras will be wed as Lady Margarey has promised. He is also excited for the gowns and parties and food, oh and umm… the girl of course.

Cersei and Tyrion talk about how unfair their future marriages to Sansa and Loras will be. Tyrion feels badly for Sansa, the most innocent of the group. Cersei admits that she misses Jaime and also tells Tyrion that Joffrey was the one who ordered him killed. He asks her if he is still in danger and she says now that their father Tywin is there, he should be fine. Cersei insists that Tyrion tell Sansa the arrangement. He goes to her room where his true love Shae is dressing Sansa. He wants Shae to leave, but Sansa insists that she stay. Tyrion tells her the news and Sansa is heartbroken as she watches Littefinger’s ship sail off in the distance.

Before he leaves, Littlefinger meets with Varys to gloat. He has given up Ros to Joffrey for target practice and his little remorse over losing Sansa because of Varys’ actions. Either way, both feel the victor for their cleverness in getting what they want.