‘Game Of Thrones’ Recap: ‘Second Sons’

Jon Snow On A Date
Kit Harington Takes His Girlfriend Out To The Movies
After last week’s epic bear fight, this episode of HBO’s Game Of Thrones was a bit more thoughtful. Arya is still with the Hound and almost hits him over the head with a rock until she realizes he will kill her if she fails. He is taking her to Robb and Catelyn rather than King’s Landing, which surprises her greatly. He even lets her know that she is safe with him as he has already saved her sister Sansa from being raped and killed.

Khaleesi meets with the captains of the second sons, the hired warriors to Yunkai. Their leader is disgusting and insults her with sexual slurs. The captains are given two days to decide if they’ll fight for Khaleesi instead of the Yunkai leaders. They have 2,000 men. Instead, the captains draw straws to see who will sneak into Khaleesi’s camp and kill her while she sleeps. The outcome is surprisingly delicious.

Melisandre brings Gendry back to meet Stannis and gives him a fancy room and clothing. She intends to make him comfortable and then sacrifice him to the Gods in order to secure Stannis’ role as King. Stannis feels a little uneasy about this and goes to visit Davos in the dungeon. Davos tries to talk him out of it, but it doesn’t sink in. Melisandre seduces poor Gendry and then ties him to the bed to have leaches suck his blood for a sacrificial prayer that Stannis performs in front of Davos.

It is Tyrion and Sansa’s wedding day and he makes sure to visit her beforehand to let her know that he is against the marriage, but will never hurt her or treat her unkindly. Joffrey has to walk her down the aisle because her father is dead and he takes away Tyrion stepping stool so that Sansa must hunch down to be robbed by her husband during the ceremony. Afterward during dinner, Tyrion gets drunk out of embarrassment and Joffrey meets Sansa behind the scenes to let her know that he might stop by and rape her after Tyrion is finished with her on her wedding night. He then tries to parade them both to the bed chamber and disrobe her, but Tywin Lannister stops that joke before it begins.

When the two wind up in the bed chamber, Sansa begins to undress for her husband but Tyrion stops her and lets her know that he will never sleep with her unless she wants him to. The next morning Shae comes in to wash the bed sheets and is happy to see that Sansa and Tyrion slept in separate areas of the room and that the bedsheets are still clean and white.

Handomse Dario of the second sons sneaks into Khaleesi’s camp dressed as an unsullied soldier. While she is in the bath he captures her handmaiden and holds a knife to her throat. But then he lets her go and dumps his bag of the other captain’s heads on Khaleesi’s floor. They had a disagreement about killing her and he decided to fight for her instead. He is handsome too! Now Khaleesi has 2,000 more soldiers to fight for her, but first they must defeat Yunkai and free the slaves.

Sam and Gilly are still wandering on the other side of the wall. They come across an abandoned cabin and Gilly builds a fire while Sam suggests baby names for her son. She doesn’t understand the difference between a first name and a surname, so Sam tries to explain. Then they hear hundreds of ravens screeching outside the door. Sam goes to see the ravens all huddled in one tree, then he sees a man walking in the woods. Gilly recognizes that it is a white walker coming to claim her son. Her father Craster always left the baby boys in the woods for a sacrifice to the walkers. Sam attempts to draw his sword, but the walker shatters it in his hands. Then he turns on Gilly. Sam draws out his knife and stabs the walker in the back, killing it and causing its skin to shatter like ice. Then it blows away in the wind. Sam and Gilly flee the scene with the baby boy safe in her arms.