‘Game Of Thrones’ Recap: ‘Mhysa’

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After last week’s shocking episode of HBO’s Game Of Thrones, the season finale was a bit more gentle to viewers. Arya and the Hound witness the aftermath of Rob Stark’s death as Lord Frey’s soldiers parade his decapitated body around the grounds with the head of his dire wolf sown onto his shoulders. Later on when Arya overhears soldiers in the woods talking about her mother’s death she slips off the Hound’s horse and murders one in cold blood before her companion finishes the rest off. It’s the first man she has killed and won’t be the last. More interestingly, Arya used the coin that Jaqen left her and repeated the summons he left with her, “valor morghulis” meaning ‘All men must die’.

Sansa and Tyrion are getting along well enough, but Shae isn’t happy to be tagging along. Varys offers her a bag full of diamonds to leave King’s Landing in order to save Tyrion’s life and cease being a distraction. She refuses. Tyrion threatens King Joffrey at small council meeting when he says he will deliver Rob Stark’s head on a platter to Sansa, just to see her squirm. Tywin threatens Tyrion yet again, telling him to impregnate Sansa. When she hears the news of her brother and mother’s deaths she is devastated.

Jojen, Bran, and Hodor bump into Sam and Gilly. Sam offers to help Bran with whatever he needs as repayment for Jon Snow saving his life. Bran wants to go over the wall even though Sam warns him about the white walkers. Before they leave Sam gives them his obsidian weapons so that they have a better chance at survival. Sam and Gilly go back to the Night’s Watch and talk to Maester Aemon who instructs them to warn everyone of the impending doom beyond the wall.

Theon has lost his manhood at the hands of his torturer. They send his father his loins in a box, but Greyjoy refuses to save his son. Instead, Theon’s sister gets a ship and their best men to come after her brother.

Davos has been visiting Gendry in his cell. He attempts to talk Stannis out of killing Gendry, but after Melisandre used the boy’s blood to curse certain people and Stannis receives confirmation of Rob Stark’s death, there is no talking him out of it. Davos lets Gendry go and helps him escape in a boat. Stannis orders him to death, but Davos shows him the raven’s note from the Night’s Watch. Melisandre immediately realizes that the war of the five kings is now child’s play compared to the shit storm heading their way from the North. She talks Stannis into sparing Davos his life as they will need him.

Ygritte catches up to Jon Snow and threatens to kill him. He tells her that she should have known he would never betray the Night’s Watch and that he loves her. She shoots him with three arrows before he rides away and barely makes it to the Night’s Watch. He collapses, but is still alive and Sam orders everyone to gently carry him inside.

Jaime Lannister and Brienne make it back to King’s Landing and he presents himself to Cersei who is in shock upon seeing his severed arm and terrible appearance. As relieved as she is that he has returned she does not run to him.

Khaleesi and her army await the slaves from Yunkai to emerge from the city. When they do she tells them that she did not give them their freedom, but that they have a right to claim it. They are so overwhelmed with her generosity that they call her Mhsya or mother and lift her on their shoulders like a Messiah while her dragons fly overhead. It seems that the only army or leader that stands a chance against King’s Landing is this young woman, the mother of dragons.