‘Game Of Thrones’ Recap: ‘Kissed By Fire’ Features Hottie Jon Snow Getting It On

Jon Snow On A Date!
Hottie Kit Harington Goes On A Double Date With His Lady Friend
If last week’s epic Daenaerys moment wasn’t enough to get you going, this week’s episode of HBO’s Game Of Thrones really took things to the next level. The Hound and Beric the Brotherhood leader began to fight, which was epic until Beric got the ol’ sword to the shoulder and died. But the brotherhood prays to the Lord of light and Beric magically comes back to life in front of Arya’s eyes. Weird. Then the brotherhood sets the Hound free!

The Wildlings gave Jon Snow a hard time about the Night’s Watch and their allies located at Castle Black, Eastwatch by the Sea, and Shadow Tower. But it’s no big deal because Ygritte lures him into a secret cave, strips down to her hoo-ha and invites him to have a naked party. Because Snow has taken an oath for the Night’s Watch he isn’t supposed to get it on with lady folk, but when Ygritte begins kissing him he can hardly resist and instead gives her a special surprise. Congrats on the sex Jon Snow!

Jaimie Lannister and Brienne are brought to Lord Bolton, who is not happy that Jaimie’s hand has been cut off. They send him to a so-called medic who suggests they remove Jaimie’s entire arm because gangrene may have spread. Jaimie refuses and tells them to take whatever measures they can to clean the arm and save it, even if he screams in pain. Later on, he meets up with Brienne at the public baths and makes her uncomfortable by climbing in the same tub. He isn’t interested in her sexually, but says he trusts her and begins to share the story of why he killed the Mad King. The king was overzealous and burning everyone alive, even commanding Jaimie to kill his own father and forcing Jaimie to kill him instead. Brienne seems to feel some sympathy for his situation.

Lord Karstark killed off the two teenage Lannister hostages for vengeance because the Lannisters killed his two sons. Robb Stark is furious and has all of Karstark’s accomplices hung by the neck. His mother and wife insist that he keep Karstark alive otherwise the entire Karstark army will abandon them and they will never win the war against King’s Landing. He goes against their advice and slays Lord Karstark. Their predictions end up being correct and he is in trouble. However, upon further contemplation he decides to ask for help from his former fiancé’s family and take Casterley Rock which is the Lannister’s home.

Stannis went to visit his wife who is apparently crazy and doesn’t blame him for sleeping with Melisandre and creating a demon baby. She has her three fetus sons fermenting in jars in her bedroom, which is totally normal for her. Stannis goes to see his daughter who asks about Davos. The man has been named a traitor and Stannis forbids his daughter to see him. She then goes to visit Davos in the dungeons and teaches him how to read to pass the time.

Jorah and Barriston talk politics while Dany approaches her unsullied army. One man steps forward whose name is Grey Worm. All unsullied are renamed after vermin in order to keep them humble. Dany tells them they can choose their own names or retain the names their parents gave them, but Grey Worm tells her that he wants to keep his name as it was the name he had when Dany gave him freedom and he became a free man.

Loras Tyrell was seduced by a handsome squire who turned out to be working for Littlefinger to prove Loras’ homosexuality and confirm Cersei’s suspicions. Littlefinger also asks Sansa if she still wants to join him on the boat or stay and she replies that she’d rather stay.

Tyrion arranges with Margarey Tyrell’s grandmother to have the House of Tyrell pay for half of the royal wedding between her and Joffrey as the royal family is essentially broke. He goes to give the good news to his father Tywin only to find Cersei sitting next to his father with a smug look on her face. Cersei realizes that Littlefinger is trying to take Sansa to wife and wants to prevent this by making Sansa Tyrion’s wife, so the Stark’s will quit their fight against the Lannisters. Tyrion is disgusted as he feels for Sansa and all that she has been through. Cersei feels pretty high and mighty until Tywin lets her know that she will be marrying Loras Tyrell to secure that alliance. She asks him not to make her do this again, but his is the final word.