‘Game Of Thrones’ Recap: ‘Dark Wings, Dark Words’

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The episode of HBO’s Game Of Thrones, opened with Bran walking through the woods with his bow, a clear indication that he is dreaming. He sees the three eyed crow and attempts to shoot it, but is taunted by his brothers Jon and Robb. He misses the shot. He wakes frightened. Osha is not happy to hear of the dream and thinks it is black magic haunting them. They move camp paranoid. Unlike the last episode, there were no dragons this time around.

Robb Stark gets a raven finding out that Winterfell has been taken and that Catelyn’s father is dead. When he informs his mother he lets her know that Bran and Rickon have not been found. He thinks Theon may have taken them and Catelyn is devastated. Robb decides they must go to Riverrun for his grandfather’s funeral.

Catelyn is making an offering to the God’s to protect her son Bran. She has made two others for her children and both of them worked. She made one for Bran when he fell from the tower and one for Jon Snow when he was sick, promising to be a mother to him and not resent him. She tells Robb’s wife that all the terrible things have happened to her family because she didn’t keep her promise to the Gods about Jon Snow.

Jon Snow is with Mance and his army beyond the wall. Mance says he got all of his men to get along because they knew they would die if they didn’t work together despite speaking seven different languages. He shows Jon a man who is a warg and can see through the eyes of animals near or far. When he comes to he says he sees many dead crows or Jon Snow’s fellow watchmen. Cut to the remaining watchmen and Sam, who is on the brink of death as he is being taunted by his fellow brethren. He nearly gives up, but their leader says that if Sam doesn’t make it then one of his brethren will die. They work together to keep him moving.

Bran and Osha are approached by Jojen Reed and his sister Meera. Jojen’s father saved Eddard Stark’s life during Robert’s Rebellion and so Jojen saw Ned’s death because he is a warg. He lets Bran know that he too is a warg. Bran understand as he sees things through his dire wolves often and wonders about the three eyed raven.

At King’s Landing, Cersei attempts to find out if Joffrey likes his new betrothed Margaery Tyrell, but he tells his mother to get lost. Cersei thinks Margaery dresses badly and galavants with peasants. Later on, Margaery invites Sansa to meet her grandmother and they drill Sansa to tell the truth about the King. After much coercion she admits that Joffrey is a monster. Margaery visits the King to flirt with him and reassure him that she never consummated her marriage to Renly Baratheon as he was into dudes rather than ladies.

Shae tells Tyrion that she is worried for Sansa and relates the story of Littlefinger’s offer to the girl. Tyrion isn’t worried, but wants Shae to stay away from his as his father will kill her if she is found.

Meanwhile, Arya, Gendry, and their chubby friend run across the Brotherhood Without Banners and are taken hostage for a time. They promise to let them go after dinner and Arya even attempts to fight the leader, but embarrassingly fails. Everyone laughs until a prisoner is brought into the dining hall. It’s the Hound and he recognizes Arya as the Stark girl.

Theon is being tortured by an unknown party and asked why he took Winterfell. He admits that he hates the Starks and wanted to please his father, but the torturer continues. Theon’s sister sends a mutual friend to save him, but he has to wait one more night.

Brienne and Jamie Lanister are still trudging through the woods together much to her dismay. He continuously teases and taunts her, always making her question her decisions. When they reach a bridge he fakes fatigue and steals one of her swords. The two duel and at first it looks as though they are well matched, but then Brienne reveals that she is the better swordsman and strikes Jamie down. Before she can take him prisoner once again they are found but the Flayed Men with the banner of the House of Bolton. They will return Jamie to Robb Stark where he will have Jamie’s head. The entire journey of Brienne to return Jamie in trade for Sansa and Arya seems a failure.