‘Game Of Thrones’ Recap: ‘Blackwater’

Peter Dinklage At The Emmys
Game Of Thrones Star Takes The Cake
Although there was no appearance of that hottie Jon Snow this episode, HBO’s Game Of Thrones gave us the most epic battle of the entire series as well as some amazing acting by both Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey. It was a pretty good tradeoff.

Stannis is nearing King’s Landing while Tyrion reveals his fears to Shae. He is afraid, but he has already been to battle and we’ve watched him become so much more amazing than when he thought himself merely a bastard back in the series’ premiere.

Queen Cersei fears the worst for her children so Maester Pycelle gives her a vile of poison to off herself in the case that Stannis gets into the castle. While King’s Landing is being sieged, Cersei gets drunk off of wine and spills all her terror onto poor Sansa in front of all the maids of the castle. She mocks her for praying for Joffrey and the other soldiers, tells her that all the women will be raped, and reveals that if Stannis does get into the room where the women wait, her personal bodyguard will kill them all so they cannot be taken by the enemy. Cersei is not a fun drunk at all. Buzzkill!

When Stannis’ fleet approaches, Tyrion uses the green fire he found under the city with the pyromancer and burns the shit out of the ships. It’s a green flame nightmare and everyone is really freaked out. Joffrey is being a super coward next to his uncle Tyrion. Cersei orders him to come back inside when the going gets tough and Tyrion is aghast that the King would not lead his men. Not to mention, the Hound dropped the mic after most of his men were killed. He offered to help Sansa escape and go back to Winterfell, but she is powerless and afraid to make one misstep.

After Joffrey leaves, Tyrion realizes he needs to motivate the men to fight the rest of Stannis’ warriors or the city will fall. He motivates them to fight for their own homes and women, not for the king or anyone else. And once again, the Emmy goes to Peter Dinklage! What an amazing speech and performance this man gave the audience.

Cersei believes the battle to be lost and the castle overthrown, so she takes her young son Tommen and sits upon the Iron Throne, telling him a sordid fairy tail and preparing to make him drink the poisonous nightshade that Maester Pyrcelle gave her. Just when she is about to put the liquid in the boy’s mouth, her father Tywin enter. The Lannisters have made a pact with House Tyrell and the ever handsome Sir Loras reveals himself among Tywin’s men. Rock on!