Gael Garcia Bernal Is AnOtherMan

April 28th, 2006 // 8 Comments

Just because.

We do have a few Gael Garcia Bernal films to look forward to this year. The King, in which he stars as a Mexican-American looking for his father, and The Science of Sleep in which he plays insecure young man who lives in his dreams as much as in his real life attempts to establish a connection with his new neighbor.

More images of Gael Garcia Bernal from AnOtherMan, after the jump.

(Images via Gossip Rocks)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ravenswing

    mmm thanks for the new wallpaper :) God I love this man.

  2. wow

    ever notice that every time this guy’s in a movie anythony lane wets himself? who can blame him??

  3. I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE this guy.


  4. patsy

    Why is his leg so skinny in the second pic?

  5. woodyette

    Is it me, or does the picture of this guy with the horns look like a deranged (younger) John Trevolta? Anyone else see it?

    I don’t know who this guy is, but I’m not getting the horns! Is he supporsed to be the devil or the product of John Trevolta’s mother and a deer that was hit on the PIP? (Palisades Interstate Parkway for those of you who live on the left coast).

  6. bebe

    it looks like he’s become manorexic

    i liked him with some more meat

  7. beautiful man and VERY talented actor… blows most actors his age away

  8. Wasting Company Time

    He looks like a dog.

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