Gael Garcia Bernal Is Back With Natalie Portman

February 24th, 2006 // 18 Comments

Congratulations to Natalie Portman for getting this one back. I have to say, I’m jealous. Good things come in little packages.

Natalie Portman has rekindled her romance with Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal after a nine-month split.
The couple enjoyed some quality time together while attending this year’s prestigious Berlin International Film Festival in Germany, where Portman was promoting her freedom-fighter film, V for Vendetta.

Bernal attended for the screening of his new movie Science of Sleep, which was snapped up at the Sundance Film Festival last month.

More photos of Gael Garcia Bernal from the UK edition of Esquire, after the jump.

Portman and Bernal Back Together []

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. BowandQuiffer

    Now this is what you call a “papi chulo.” M, M, M, soooooo good. If all Mexicans looked like GGB, I’d go over the border and never return. Orale!!!

  2. Too Damn cute...

    I love these two together. Sure, he’s a pocket sized lover, but she’s like what…4 feet tall? They are too cute.

  3. moi.

    i dont like these two together… but i guess if he were single for any longer id be under the impression tht hes gay. hes very hot

  4. Blindqueen

    Hot damn! He is the sexxxy!

  5. pvrz

    Yuck! He’s fugly.

  6. Yuck

    He’s only cute from the side. From the front it’s Pedro the illegal alien.

  7. beaner

    Hey Yuk-
    Watch out cuz someone in the kitchen is gonna be jizzin in your burrito. You racist ass.

  8. buffalo1450

    He could be a Lilliputian and he’d still be hotter than the 4th of July. GGB sizzles.

  9. Trini

    buffalo1450…where are you from? i Haven’t heard annybody use that word lilliputian in North America and i’ve been here for ten years. And whenever i use it nbody knows what the hell i’m talking about.

    Oh yeah, he’s HOt hot heat.

  10. eric

    Natalie Portman.

    Who cares about her !

    What has she done !

    She’s not even hot !

  11. pinky

    he looks really ugly in these pictures, but he is an atractive guy, short yes, but hot, these pictures don’t do him any justice.

  12. Brianna

    Natalie Portman is the WORST actress. She helped ruin Closer.

  13. theIbis

    Standing on stilts the dude might be 4’7″. I suppose that’s a good thing for some of you. He can only date Natalie because if he dated anyone else he’d be staring at a navel.

  14. Kiki Choudry

    Natalie Whoreshag (Hershlag’s her real last name…ick) is a twat! Whorendous actress as well, way overhyped and now she’s back with that cross-eyed midget? Good for them they deserve each other…they’re both in the closet. Has anyone ever read her interview with “Allure” a few years back? She’s so full of herself and on top of that she insults African-Americans by saying that she can completely relate to W.E.B. Dubois’ “Souls of Black Folks” because she’s a public person and understands suffering, plus she’s a Jewess or some such nonsense about being a Jewish female in Hollywood and her struggle with fame. WTF does that have to do with African-Americans? Somebody needs to shut her arrogant, Long Island JAP mouth up. She was a spoiled bitch her whole life.

  15. I Love Gael!

    To those of you who doubt GGB’s hotness, rent The Motorcycle Diaries. Plus he’s a fabulous actor.

  16. cindy

    Natalie is a very good actress and she apoligized for the thing in Allure.

  17. Melissa


  18. javi

    OMG!! gael is THE hottest guy on earth…im so in luv wif him… i wish i was natalie portman

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