Gabrielle Union’s Birthday Party Controversy

Someone has some explaining to do. Regardless of what actually happened or did not happen, Garbrielle Union won’t be celebration her birthday at Mood.

An email written by publicist Holly Shakoor of BWR Public Relations was quickly disseminated around Industry in-boxes Friday. In the missive, Shakoor, who represents the Bring It On actress, urges a boycott of Club Mood because of owner David Judaken’s alleged racist comments targeted at Union–an episode akin to the infamous Hermès dissing of Oprah Winfrey earlier this year.

“I think you should all be aware of an incident that occurred with my client Gabrielle Union and the owner of Mood,” the message begins.”Mood was going to host her birthday party which is a week away. Once the owner found out she was African American he not only cancelled her party but he proceed to say that he ‘didnt’ [sic] realize Gabrielle Union was black. I thought she was the white volleyball player. I don’t want her kind of people in my club.’ “I want to make you all aware of this so you can discourage your celeb clients from going and also doing any events with him.”

Judaken, reached via phone Friday, vigorously denied the account in the email, calling Shakoor’s characterization of their discussion “completely false.” “All the statements written in her email are untrue,” he said. “To say that this event was canceled over race or creed is hurtful and slanderous.” The South African-born owner of the flashy club says he is considering legal action against the Beverly Hills-based PR firm, saying his reputation may have already been damaged by the publicist’s claims and the proposed boycott. “This has an immediate negative impact on my business,” he said.

Judaken claims that he decided to book a more lucrative event that night. It nothing to do with race, and that he knows the difference between Gabrielle Union and Gabrielle Reece.

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(Photo via Maxim Online)