Gabriel Macht Talks ‘Suits’, Spotted Picking Up Dry Cleaning In NYC [PHOTOS]

On Set of 'Suits'
Gabriel and Patrick film the show!
Gabriel Macht was spotted in New York City yesterday acting silly with fans. The star of USA’s Suits was making funny faces before he hid behind the dry cleaning he picked up!

The actor, along with the cast of  the hit show Suits, recently attended a Q&A panel to give viewers a glimpse of what to come in this upcoming season! The cast discussed some one their favourite episodes, Mike  (Patrick J. Adams) and Rachel’s (Meghan Markle) relationship and more!

Mike and Rachel’s relationship is like a roller coaster and Adams says that fans tell him off because of his behaviour in the show! Some of the most memorable moments for the cast include the flashback episode and the bathroom confrontation between Harvey and Louis.

Teaser alert…

The Hollywood Reporter asked the creater of the show, Aaron Korsh, and Macht how the bathroom confrontation will affect Harvey and Louis’ relationship. They answered:

Aaron Korsh:

That blowup, in the way we see it, Harvey ends up half-forgiving Louis, and he does it for several reasons, one of which is because Jessica said [to him],”You want to be management, you have to let things go.” That’s his first step. There will always be a push and pull between Harvey and Louis where they come together and go apart.

Gabriel Macht:

Harvey was basically going to let him go and didn’t want anything to do with him, didn’t trust him, didn’t believe him, didn’t like him. Louis does indeed show some of his talent in helping in a case he’s involved in, so Harvey understands that’s his way of asking for forgiveness. It looks like Harvey’s going to give him another shot. They’re working it out. There’s a lot to work out, but they’re working it out.

Can’t wait for the rest of the season! What are your predictions? Share your thoughts in comments!