Gabriel Macht & Patrick J. Adams Share In A Few Funny Moments On The Set Of ‘Suits’

On Set of 'Suits'
Gabriel and Patrick film the show!
Are they fist-pumping? Come on, it totally looks like Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams were partaking in some separate fist-pumping action on the Toronto set of Suits.

The duo were spotted in their…umm…suits on the set of the hit TV show today. All they’re missing is long coats and they’re basically my ideal man.

Gabriel was also really enjoying a bagel on set. So much so that he kept getting cream cheese all over his mouth. Mmmm, a bagel. 

I am currently at the tale end of the Passover diet and nothing sounds more amazing to me right now than a bagel slathered in cream cheese and lox and onions and tomatoes. Oh god. that sounds amazing. OK, now back to suits. How come Patrick didn’t eat a bagel? Is he trying to keep is girlish figure before his upcoming nuptials?

Who knows. What I do know is that Gabriel and Patrick look sessy and you should enjoy it. Launch the gallery to check it out! You’ll love it!